After 48 years in the construction business, we have decided to call it quits this year, we do want to thank all of the people that have been a huge part of our business from our customers to our trades and suppliers. It has been our pleasure to service your needs for over 48 years. Thank you!

We have met and made many friendships along the way. We have worked on many amazing projects, the straw bale green home that was raffled off for Ronald McDonald house of Cleveland over 12 years ago with our local JVS students being a huge part of building that home was fantastic. We harvested the bamboo vertical supports needed in a snowstorm on the east side of Cleveland with the JVS students, those memories that were created and the experiences that were learned along the way will always be remembered.

Being invited to speak at 6th grade career day was really awesome.

Working with our customers to create the home that fits their lifestyle has been extrenely rewarding. Below is an example of what we have been doing for so many years.

"As the days are nearing to finally be living in our new dream home, I must take the time to tell you what it all means to us. This home represents a fresh new beginning together. Although we have been living in a nice house I don't think we ever had an emotional connection to it.

You are just so welcoming, like your homes. You and your wife have this way about you that allows people to want to share. Mike and I could not be more grateful for that. Both of us went through some tough times before fate stepped in and brought us together.

It all seems to be coming together now. When we walked into our new home, we instantly knew it was the one, quite like the first time he and I met one another. What a great feeling to have that comfort of knowing how right everything is in our lives. You made that possible for us. You put so much love into building your homes, and it shows. I've never felt so excited about living anywhere the way I do there. The best part is knowing how healthy it is for my respiratory issues, along with how beautiful. I can't thank you enough, Bob, for all you have done to help make this process less stressful and very enjoyable. I feel so honored to tell people I'm living in a RJ Perritt home. You can count on us always taking the best care of this most special home, "Our Home". Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. :)"

Thank you again for trusting and working with our team all those years.
Be safe, enjoy the day.

"Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself."

We still have lots available. Call us at (440) 897-5872
505 Hazel St .30 Acre; 100' x 150' lot SOLD Amherst Schools
525 Hazel St .30 Acre; 100' x 130' lot SOLD Amherst Schools
48550 Middle Ridge Rd, Brownhelm Township 1.78 Acres SOLD Firelands Schools
48600 Middle Ridge Rd, Brownhelm Township 1.78 Acres SOLD Firelands Schools
48640 Middle Ridge Rd, Brownhelm Township 1.78 Acres SOLD Firelands Schools
48680 Middle Ridge Rd, Brownhelm Township 1.78 Acres SOLD Firelands Schools
S/L 1 Silver Ridge Estates (50440 Middle Ridge Rd) 2.33 Acres Firelands Schools
S/L 3 Silver Ridge Estates (8480 Claus Rd) 2.06 Acres HOLD Firelands Schools
S/L 6 Silver Ridge Estates (8420 Claus Rd) 2.05 Acres SOLD Firelands Schools