Net Zero Model Home & Sales Center
Zero energy homes are healthier, more comfortable homes.
New Net Zero Model & Sales Center Open by Appointment Only
Located at 47573 Middle Ridge Road
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A home is more than four walls and a roof.

It’s a place of comfort and security, a gathering place for friends and a sanctuary for your family. Your home should serve to protect you and provide a healthy environment in which to live. Because zero energy homes are built to a higher standard, you’ll breathe the cleanest air, feel the most comfortable temperatures and enjoy the quietest indoor environment. You will sleep well knowing that you and your family live in a healthy, comfortable home, free from allergens and toxins.

From move-in day and for as long as you own the home, the total cost of living in a zero energy home is lower than that for a comparable standard home. A zero energy home will protect you from a rapid rise in energy prices. 15 years from now you’ll pay the same price you pay today to keep your lights on and keep your family warm. That price will be zero or next to zero.

This home has an 8KW solar array from Mariner Energy Systems LLC that will produce enough energy needed to operate this home (American made panels and inverter). HVAC system is a 21 SEER variable speed heat pump that will operate to 20 below zero efficiently to heat the home in the winter and cool the home in the summer season, provided by Viccarone Heating & Air Conditioning. The air handler will have a hot water coil for back up heat source. The Navien tankless water heater will supply enough hot water to run 2 ½ showerheads continuous and support the hot water coil if needed on air handler supplied by Wolf Bros. Supply through Curnayn Sales. All Construction Services is responsible for installing No Burn product to our framing lumber giving this home a “Class A” fire rating along with

R-18.5 spray foam under Keen’s Skim Flow hard surface sub floor. They also provided us with one inch of R-6.5 spray foam on entire cavity before installing R-15 fiberglass in walls and R-60 in ceilings. While talking about insulation of our home you should know that Haas Garage Door manufacture is in Toledo Ohio, another family owned business that supplied us with R-13 insulated garage doors installed by Homenik Door Company.

With R-10 continuous 2” foam over entire exterior of our foundation supplied by Mar-Flex and installed by Modern Poured Walls gives our home a 30 warranty on water proofing.

Moen faucets have reduced consumption by 20% but still has the pressure needed to take care of our daily needs, these Moen products were supplied by Wolf Bros Supply. All our light fixtures support LED bulbs which we have installed and used LED bulbs where ever possible, this allows us to reduce consumption but increase life expectancy of those bulbs. ABC Supply has supplied us our roofing needs with lifetime warrantied O. C. Duration shingles and Royal vinyl siding of which both companies manufacture the product in Ohio.  

Our lifetime brickmold J style windows, Silverline by Anderson have .27 U factor with Heat lock technology supplied by 84 Lumber Company are also manufactured in Ohio. The Boral stone used on our exterior has it’s customer service office out of you guess it, Toledo Ohio. Mason Steel Company supplied us with the Boral stone. Brian-Kyles Landscaping has provided a low maintenance yard, low moisture planting with an outdoor putting green.

With the addition of Woodmont Cabinet Company being used in this home and in the future you are getting another company with a sustainable policy. Wolf Bros Supply has supplied our home with their product. No VOC paints from Behr paints has enhanced the indoor air quality. 4” media filtering system on air handler omits 99% of air borne products. ERV whole house fresh air changer with attached bath fan venting omits the need to install individual vents for those fans, this reduces air infiltration into our home. ProSource has supplied us with Mohawk smartstrand carpets with have a lifetime warranty on stain and have no off gassing because it’s made with corn and soy based products.

Appliances being another huge part in energy savings, induction cooking by far as reduced energy consumption by over 30% on that appliance alone. The new heat pump dryer and front load washer can reduce between 25%-50% on it’s energy bill also. All our appliance needs have been supplied by Stewart Appliance a family owned business for over 50 years.