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About Perritt Homes
Members of RJ Perritt Team with blankets to donate.
Members of the Perritt Team with handmade blankets to donate.

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To provide our customers with Homes for their Lifestyles with a friendly atmosphere. Quality Product with Competitive Prices in a location they desire. And promote an environment of an enjoyable and rewarding place of employment.
For over 63 years, Lorain county has been my home. I have been in this business for 49 years and during this time I have seen great potential in this area due to it's location. Amherst, being centrally located, has satisfied my business needs as well as the needs of my family.
I have discovered, as far back as the late 1700's my ancestors had been in this country. Also, my grandfather was a business owner in this area. I continue this tradition, today, by choosing to locate my business and raise my family here.
As a member of the community, I continue to do everything I can to further it's development. I believe in giving back to the community by patronizing local businesses throughout Lorain County.
We put money back into the community by supporting local business owners who employ local people, who, in turn, raise their families here and support the area.
I believe in family—I believe in Lorain County.

Our Selection Center is located at 400 Tenney Ave #108 in Amherst
Call (440) 897-5872 to arrange an appointment.
To view a map that will help to familiarize you with the area,
This map includes a few of the major points of interest that are near to where we are located and has links to their web sites.
home builders association of greater cleveland WINNER
Lorain County Beautiful Award for Green Building.
FINALIST: Landscaping & Historical Rehabilitation
north coast building industry association
Circle of Excellence Awards
Single family best exterior design, The Devonshire 3
Single Family
Best Exterior Design
The Devonshire III

Single family best product design, The Devonshire 3
Single Family
Best Product Design
The Devonshire III
Best commercial design
Best Commercial Design
Best model sign
Best Model Sign
Single family exterior architectural design, The Bainbridge
Single Family
Exterior Architectural Design
The Bainbridge
Single family exterior architectural design, The Prestwyck 2
Single Family
Exterior Architectural Design
The Prestwyck II
Custom home of the year, The Bainbridge
Custom Home of the Year
The Bainbridge
Single family product design, The Prestwyck 2
Single Family Product Design
The Prestwyck II
Interior merchandising, The Bainbridge
Interior Merchandising
The Bainbridge